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Welcome to our new site! The new site looks like the old one, but along with the move we've created some exciting new additions to help you. Most important are some aids for using RunningShoes more easily. Here are some highlights:

Tutorials on RunningShoes

It's always a challenge to pick up a new tool and start working with it, and RunningShoes is no exception. The large number of functions over a broad range of functionality in the library make it difficult to get started, since it seems like there's just too much to learn. We're creating a series of tutorials to make it easy to walk through some of the functionality to expose you to what's available and how to use it to your advantage. One great thing is that you can start using a single function, and increase that usage as your familiarity with the library grows.

Utility scripts using RunningShoes

We've started a collection of utility scripts that use the RunningShoes library – they don't test, but they do perform some useful day-to-day tasks. These are scripts we've developed either for clients or for our own internal needs. We'll be adding to the collection as we see fit. Have a need that isn't addressed here? Give us a call, we'll be happy to generate solutions tailored to your needs – that's why we're here, and it's what we do best! 

RunningShoes for WinRunner

Accelerate your WinRunner scripting with RunningShoes!

R. E. Cook is offering the RunningShoes Function Library. RunningShoes is optimized for use with WinRunner, providing a wide variety of needed functionality that was left out of WinRunner. RunningShoes is proven, well-documented and supported code designed to make you more productive in your WinRunner scripting. It is actively used in testing at a variety of companies in a dozen countries. Check out the spotlight on our favorite functions for a brief hint of what the library can do. Or download the zipped Help files so you can explore all functions for yourself from the documentation page.

Machine-readable date strings

What's in version 3? Most notable is a new system for reading date strings. RunningShoes now provides the ability to read a formatted date string and convert it into a machine-readable date! You can then manipulate the date in your script. The interpreted date can be converted to a WinRunner-style date, a Julian date, or individual date fields (year, month, etc.). Once converted the dates are compatible with the wealth of other date functions available in RunningShoes. One client told us Mercury support couldn't help them do this. We could, and we did!

The library has grown out of our testing practice, and is continually being expanded and improved. Please see the RunningShoes Function Library links for more information about the library. The most current version of RunningShoes, version 2.07, is available. RunningShoes has been developed in partnership with Buffalo River Software. 

Mercury's Tip of the week! 

Mercury Interactive recognized one of Dr. Cook's postings on Mercury's web forum as Mercury's Tip of the Week, for a function to determine whether an array contains a specified element. 

About R. E. Cook Consulting 

R. E. Cook Consulting is dedicated to ensuring high quality in computer software, specializing in test automation using the WinRunner and Test Director tools from Mercury Interactive. 

R. E. Cook provides resources for many aspects of test automation, from complete test automation to consulting on individual, specific issues.

R. E. Cook can assist you in determining whether automation makes sense in your testing environment, from both a technical and a business perspective.

R. E. Cook can provide you with custom functions and utilities to meet your needs, to your specifications, at your request. Custom code can range from a complete library down to a single function. Code can be provided either in Mercury's TSL or in C/C++, depending on the specific functionality you need.

R. E. Cook offers onsite training geared towards the specific needs of your organization. R. E. Cook can also offer standard-format courses in software testing and using WinRunner.

Dr. Cook is certified by Mercury Interactive Corporation as a specialist (CPS) in WinRunner and TestDirector, both versions 5 and 7. Dr. Cook received a score of 101% on the version 5 exam, saying "I don't know what sort of math was used to calculate a score higher than 100%, but the results clearly demonstrate the high level of expertise that I have developed in Mercury's tools."

Updated 19 November 2011


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