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Custom Functions and Utilities

Are you at an impasse over how to tackle a particular task? Or do you prefer to focus on testing and leave the utility work to someone else? We are here to help.

R. E. Cook can provide you with custom functions and utilities to meet your needs, to your specifications, at your request. Custom code can range from a complete library down to a single function. Code can be written either in WinRunner's TSL or in C/C++, depending on the specific functionality you need. 

In many cases, turnaround time for single functions can be as short as a few hours. Turnaround time of course depends on the complexity of the process and code required.

Not sure exactly what you need? I will be happy to work with you to determine your requirements. Contact R. E. Cook for further information.

By its nature, custom code varies so much that it is difficult to provide a meaningful pricing structure. Price begins about fifty dollars ($US) for basic functions, on up for more complexity or a full library of functionality. We will discuss your needs and requirements thoroughly with you before we agree on a price. 

I also take on small projects working on an hourly basis, at a rate of $35 per hour. This rate holds only for projects that I can do entirely in my office, without travel to your site, and that we expect to complete within a day or two. 

Updated 23 October 2005

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