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Creating DLLs for WinRunner 
"DLLs Demystified" 
(Mercury Interactive's Worldwide Users Conference 2000)

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Dr. Cook's Presentation at Mercury Interactive's Worldwide Users' Conference, October 2000.

"DLLs Demystified"

Many thanks to all of you who turned out for the presentation. I hope it was useful to all of you, and I appreciate your participation and excellent questions.

This page includes the presentation itself and supporting information, such as source code, header file, etc. I realize this collection is not as well documented as I (and you) would like, but I wanted to make it available. I will be adding to it in the future as time permits. If you attempt to use this code and can't figure it out, send me an email with suggestions and I'll try to incorporate them. (Time constraints prevent me from providing a lot of individual support, but I'll try to use your suggestions to clarify the process.) 

The Slide Show

Presentation (PowerPoint 95 format, zipped). 

The C Code

The C header file includes all of the function declarations. It also includes some descriptive text for each, which is included in the statements for adding the function to WinRunner's function generator. (Rename the WucHeader.txt file to wuc.h.)

The main source code file contains all of the function definitions except for the code for the "global" string return variable. (Rename the MainSource.txt file to Main.cpp.)

The global return string source code file contains the two functions that implement the "global" variable for returning strings. (Rename the GlobalReturnSource.txt file to GlobalReturn.cpp.)

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