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RunningShoes Price Schedule

The RunningShoes price schedule has been revised. The new price schedule appears below. 

RunningShoes terms, briefly 

RunningShoes is licensed on a per-seat (per-PC) basis. You must purchase a site license that covers every PC on which you install or use RunningShoes

The license does not expire (you do not pay any maintenance, subscription or renewal fees). 

You are entitled to free upgrades for one year after purchase.

The license includes free email and online support (see our Support Forum). Phone support is included for installation help only. Phone support for all other questions is available at extra charge (see below).

Is RunningShoes expensive? 

Consider this: version 2.07 contains 382 functions in RunningShoes. If you are using WinRunner on a single PC, those functions cost 10 cents each! Even if you use only 10 of those functions, they cost your company $4.00 each!

When you consider the time that goes into creating functions –  specifying, documenting, creating, testing, and maintaining – the functions in RunningShoes are a definite bargain! 

RunningShoes Site License Fees

Number of PCs Price per PC ($US)
1 - 5 $40
6 - 10 $35
11 - 15 $32
16 - 25 $30
26 - 50 $28
More than 50 $27

Phone Support Fees

Phone support is available for $30 per issue, or $150 for a block of 6 issues. The charge covers all phone support for an issue until that issue is resolved. Phone support for installation issues is included in the license fee. Phone support is usually available during normal business hours (US) during the week.

Updated 11 September 2003

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