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System Requirements for RunningShoes

Operating Systems

The current release requires at least Windows 98 in the Windows 9x family, and Windows NT 4 SP 6 in the NT family. Note that Windows NT 4 must include at least Service Pack 6. Microsoft did not make the Windows Installer compatible with earlier versions.

RunningShoes has been tested under Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4. It has not been tested under Windows ME. This page will be updated as testing continues.

WinRunner Versions

RunningShoes is known to be compatible with WinRunner version 5 and later, when RunningShoes is set up as a stand-alone installation. RunningShoes has NOT been tested with installations where WinRunner runs on a server, so behavior on server-based installations is unknown. We are not supporting installations of RunningShoes on a server; we are aware of several known issues when RunningShoes is installed on a server.

PC Hardware

The full release of RunningShoes requires approximately 1.2 Mbytes of free disk space on the same drive as your WinRunner installation. The install package requires either 6 Mb or 2.5 Mb of disk space, depending on which package you choose to download (with or without the Windows Installer included). The install package can be removed after installation if drive space is at a premium. 

Beyond that, any PC that has enough resources to handle WinRunner easily will also allow the use of RunningShoes with WinRunner.

Updated 10 November 2005

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