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RunningShoes Library for WinRunner

Welcome to RunningShoes! This page is the central source of information about the RunningShoes library. 

What's in RunningShoes

This overview of the library describes the various types of functionality included, e.g., interpreting dates, manipulating strings, etc., listing most of the included functions with a brief description of each.

The RunningShoes library includes thorough documentation of every function, as a standard Windows Help file. The library documentation page provides a description of that documentation to show exactly what information you can expect. You can also download a zipped copy of the Windows Help file from that page.

This FAQ addresses the most common questions customers have asked about the RunningShoes library. And if you don't find your questions here, contact R. E. Cook with your questions, we'll be glad to answer.

Using RunningShoes

We've begun a series of tutorials on using the library – just a few so far, but the collection is growing. We recognize that it's difficult to dive into a library of about 400 functions and immediately begin using them; it's hard to know where to begin. We've begun to create these tutorials to make it easier for you to take the plunge so you can begin using the power of the library immediately.

We're shining a spotlight on a few of the most useful functions in the library, not just because we're proud of them, but to give you some ideas of how you can use them for your needs. 

We've written a number of utility scripts to help our clients perform various non-testing tasks. These utility scripts rely on the power of RunningShoes. We're beginning to include them here as we make them generic enough to serve a wider audience. They also serve as examples to illustrate how you can use the library's functionality to do your own specific tasks.

The typical experience

In our experience working with clients, an average user-defined WinRunner TSL function takes about an hour to think up, create and test briefly. It is a rare automation shop where the following isn't true:

User-defined functions are inadequately documented 

Documentation is within the code libraries themselves, not centralized

User-defined TSL code is only briefly tested 

Functions tend to be ad hoc creations lacking consistency

The RunningShoes experience

Every function is clearly and fully documented

Documentation is at your fingertips in a single Windows Help file

Every function is thoroughly tested

The code is completely regression tested with every release

Function families provide a consistent look and feel for ease of use

In short, the documentation with RunningShoes is by itself more than enough to justify the price. When you factor in the quality assurance the library undergoes, there's little reason to create your own.

What you'll need

Of course you want to know what the RunningShoes library will cost, so the pricing schedule tells you exactly that.

The hardware and software requirements are pretty straightforward. This page spells them out clearly.

Download RunningShoes by logging in and following the Download RunningShoes link. Not yet registered? Why register explains what you get for your trouble. 

Not finding just what you need to know? Contact R. E. Cook for further information.

Updated 19 November 2011

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