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RunningShoes Function Library for WinRunner 

Is your WinRunner coding going more slowly than you'd like? Speed up your coding with RunningShoes, a library of functions optimized for use with WinRunner. The functions fill many of the gaps in WinRunner's functionality, allowing you to spend more time testing and less time writing code, boosting your productivity. 

The library currently contains approximately 380 functions, split among the following groups of functionality. For a list of all of the functions within a group, with a brief description of each function, follow the group link. 

For some ideas on using RunningShoes, see the spotlight on favorite functions and our new utility scripts collection.




Strings Manipulating the contents and format of strings, and easily extracting complicated substrings.
Arrays Handling single- and multi-dimensional arrays.
(Not in the evaluation version.)
File Handling File functions, e.g., copying, moving, renaming, checking / setting attributes.
Folder Handling A variety of folder functions, similar to the File Handling functions.
Path Names Functions for creating, manipulating, and extracting information from path names.
Dates  Three distinct date types, including WinRunner's native get_time() style, Julian dates, and dates expressed as individual components (year, month, day). Includes an extensive set of functions for working with those dates. 
Time Functions for working with both WinRunner-style times and times expressed as components (hour, minute, second). 
PC Environment Controlling and capturing information about the PC where the test is running.
WinRunner Environment Controlling and capturing information about the  WinRunner environment.
(Some are not in the evaluation version.)
Math A variety of math routines that belong in any reasonable language.
Registry Access Access to the Windows registry. Mostly read access, with limited write access.
Bitmasks Functions for manipulating bitmasks, including handling individual bits. Many Windows API calls require bitmask parameters. 
Object Several methods for handling an AUT's objects.
(Not in the evaluation version.)
Screen Saver Functions for controlling the screen saver; useful in preventing the screen saver from interfering with a WinRunner script.
Text Box Manipulating a text box for displaying information during a test run, without interrupting the run. The text box  is not a standard Windows message box. It can describe the progress of the test, or give instructions if manual intervention is required.
Clipboard Using and testing the contents of the Windows clipboard.

Updated 31 October 2005

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