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Delete a folder and all files in the folder

Functions: FolderListFiles(), FolderDelete(), FileDelete(), FileSetAttributes()

Deleting a folder full of files is simple with RunningShoes. Delete all files in the folder, then delete the folder itself. The easy way is to capture an array with all of the filenames, then loop through the array, deleting each file after turning off any attributes that might prevent the deletion. When the folder is empty, delete it too. 

Code sample

## Define the path to the folder.
folder = "c:\\FilesToBeDeleted\\";

## Capture an array of files in the folder.
rc = FolderListFiles(folder, file_arr);

## Display an error message if the function fails.
if(rc != E_OK)
    message = "Error capturing filenames: " & RSReturnCodes(rc, RETURN_MESSAGE_BRIEF);

## Delete all files in the array.
for(subscript in file_arr)
    ## Append the filename to the path.
    current_file = folder & file_arr[subscript];

    ## Turn off all attributes so the file can be deleted.
    rc = FileSetAttributes(current_file, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL);

    ## Delete the file.
    rc = FileDelete(current_file);

## Delete the folder.
rc = FolderDelete(folder);

Updated 17 January 2005

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