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Want TestDirector to stop at a pause() statement?

Functions: PauseTD(), PauseYesNo(), PauseOK()

WinRunner always ignores user-input statements when run from TestDirector, right? Do you not run a test from TestDirector because the test requires a manual step at some point? Now you can have it your way. RunningShoes has three "pause" statements that won't be ignored in TestDirector. 

Pause with a choice

## Define the message to be displayed.
message = "Insert a blank floppy disk into the drive and ";
message = message & "click OK, or click Cancel to stop.";

## Display the message.

## Continue with the test

Pause without a choice

## Define the message to be displayed.
message = "Insert a blank floppy disk into the drive, then click OK.";

## Display the message.

## Continue with the test

Why three different functions?

The three functions differ only in the buttons they display. PauseTD() displays OK and Cancel buttons, just like the pause() statement. PauseYesNo() displays Yes and No, while PauseOK() displays, of course, an OK button.

Updated 17 January 2005

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