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Spotlight on Featured Functions 

This page spotlights particular functions in the RunningShoes library as a means of illustrating the power of RunningShoes. We hope to trigger some ideas for how the library can increase your productivity.

Read formatted date strings and convert them to machine-readable dates your script can manipulate. Our client told us Mercury support couldn't help them do this. We could, and we did!

Dates in any format RunningShoes gives you the ability to generate a date in virtually any format you can imagine. Here's how.

Is a date a business day? RunningShoes makes it easy to find out.

Extracting a substring can be a breeze or a nightmare, but it's a whole lot easier with RunningShoes.

A pause() statement in TestDirector Need to have WinRunner pause during a TestDirector run? 

Delete a folder and all files in the folder Several functions in RunningShoes make a simple task out of what is otherwise a real pain.

Extract the components of a path Decompose a full path into its constituent parts (drive, path, filename and extension).

Updated 17 January 2005


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