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RunningShoes Library Tutorials

Welcome to RunningShoes! We're hoping to make it easy for you to get started by creating some tutorials to walk you through various types of functionality in the library. At the moment our collection is small, but it's growing.

Currently available

Getting started (the very basics): load the library, make a few simple function calls, and unload it when your finished. This is very short, but start here – it covers the only statement that is required in your TSL script before you can call a RunningShoes function.

WinRunner-style dates: working with dates that are compatible with WinRunner's get_time() date values, and with time_str(). You can perform a wide variety of calendar math with the library's functions. This tutorial does that in the context of WinRunner's native date values.

Formatting dates: the library can easily generate dates strings in just about any format desired. Here's how.

Using individual date fields: working with dates that are broken down into components (year, month, day).

Updated 3 November 2005

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