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Easily add functions to WinRunner's Function Generator using RunningShoes

Picture the task of adding nearly 400 functions to the function generator. That's over 800 TSL statements ― in the ugly and arcane syntax required for the function generator. Our approach was to devise an automated process to do the job. 

The functions are described in a simple input file in standard configuration (.ini) file format. This script reads that input file and converts the function descriptions to the convoluted statements needed for the function generator. The output is written into another WinRunner script, which can be executed when you need the functions in the function generator. 

The WinRunner script and input files

The process and the input file are described in detail in the header to the conversion script. Also, an input-file template will help you get the format right in your own input file. A pair of sample input files might help clarify the format. One is a simple file with just a few functions, illustrating most of the various options. The second is the RunningShoes library input file. That input file is currently in beta, but should help answer your questions about how to set up your own input file. You can also use it to add the RunningShoes functions to the function generator.

Updated 25 October 2005

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