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Find the index of any specified occurrence of a character in a string.


In WinRunner, it's easy to find the index of the first occurrence of a character in a string:

## Find the position of the first comma in the string.
position = index(text, ",");

If we need the position of, say, the 13th comma in a comma-delimited string, we have to put the index() statement in a loop, dropping the part of the string already searched with the previous index() statement.  

The function IndexMulti() finds any specified occurrence of the character in a string in which the character appears multiple times:

# Find the position of the 13th comma.
thirteenth_comma = IndexMulti(text, ",", 13);

The code for both versions is in a text file to avoid the format mangling that browsers tend to do to normal pages. View IndexMulti.txt.

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