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Synchronize tests on 2 PCs, without LoadRunner.


Force a test on one PC to wait until a test on another PC says it's OK to proceed.


We can synchronize 2 tests on 2 different PCs easily, using WinRunner without LoadRunner. The first test can signal the second by using a configuration (ini) file. The Windows API makes handling configuration files easy. (The RunningShoes library makes it even easier.) This process can be easily extended to any number of machines.

The file IniSynch.txt contains the code needed for the 2 scripts. The process in English is this:

The first test writes a "wait" status to the ini file, and changes it to "go" when it's OK for the second to proceed. 

The second test keeps checking the status until it gets the "go" signal.

The code is in a text file to avoid the display mangling that browsers tend to do to normal pages. View IniSynch.txt.

Note that RunningShoes has functions to easily read and write configuration files without dealing directly with the Windows API. The functions greatly simplify the process.

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