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Parallel WinRunner tests on 2 PCs, with a single test result.


A user needed to run a test on 2 PCs with a single test result. The client application on the first PC opens a record. The test must verify that the record is then locked to other clients. Only one instance of the client can be opened on a PC, so that verification must take place on a second PC.


This problem is solved with a simple extension of the process "Synchronize tests on 2 PCs". That process allows WinRunner on one PC to signal WinRunner on a second PC that the second PC can proceed. 


The process in English is this:

The first test writes a "wait" indicator to the ini file. 

The first test opens the record in the AUT. 

When the AUT reaches the point where the record should be locked, the first test changes the indicator to "verify" so the second test can proceed. 

The second test keeps checking the indicator until it gets the "verify" signal.

When the "verify" signal appears, the second test verifies that the record is locked, and writes the test status and description to the ini file. 

The first test keeps checking the indicator until it gets a "finished" signal.

The second test writes the "finished" indicator to the file when the verification is complete.

When the "finished" signal appears, the first test reads the results from the ini file and writes it to the test results. 


The code to realize this process is left as an exercise to the reader. It should be simple to extend the code in the synchronization routine to read and write several extra values to the ini file.

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