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Determine the version of WinRunner at runtime


I've had several requests for a function that will determine the version of WinRunner at runtime. 

(Although it might seem odd at first glance that a user could be running WinRunner without knowing what version it is, some test environments maintain more than one version concurrently, on different PCs. A script can be tailored to use different versions if it can tell at runtime which WinRunner version is running. For example, in an environment with WinRunner 6 and 7, functions that were not implemented until version 7 can be called only when running under version 7, and be skipped under version 6.)

The smart way

The version is stored in wrun.ini, under [WrCfg], as XR_VERSION_STAMP. Thus the value can be read using getvar():

# Retrieve the version of WinRunner.
rc = getvar("XR_VERSION_STAMP");

See Reading WinRunner configuration values for a general discussion of reading from wrun.ini.

The dumb way

WinRunner stores version information in the file WinRunner\dat\version.dat. The file is a text file, so you can read it with WinRunner's file_ functions. The first line contains the version number. 

For example, in version 6.02, version.dat contains the following three lines:

   Build 6089

NOTE: The version.dat file is undocumented, so the possibility exists that it can be changed or even discarded in a future version of WinRunner. When using undocumented features of any program, verify that they work before relying on them.

Function code

The code is implemented as a function (put it in a compiled module, of course). Call it like this:

# Capture the WinRunner version.
rc = WinRunnerVersion(version);

# Limit execution to version 7 or greater.
if(version >= 7.0)
    # Execute code not implemented before version 7.


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